Monday, December 26, 2011

My Baby Photo

These past few days, ive been seeing a lot of baby pictures used as Display Pic on FACEBOOK by people.. some their own, others their nephew's and niece's. Then there are also DPs of friends who cross dress, that actually do look like they're the same sex. My mind faltered.. Can these people look at their baby photos, and be proud to say, 'i was once this cute kid!'

Well.. why not start with my self? hmmm... i really enjoy looking at my baby pics! diba.. ang cute ko lang talaga! haha. But who would have thought, ill be like this. a self righteous, bitchy, blogging, twitting, facebook addict girl.

So what i realized is, the 21 years of my existence. deep right?! but sometimes, one must think about these kind of stuff.. its like an evaluation sheet of a professor in college. but this time its yours! 

Plus its 4 days to 2012! time for new year's resolutions! haha 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


  • before she knew she had a crew that 

    weren't no punk in they 
    spit fire shirts 

    and sb dunks..